Little Kids Can Know God Through His Church


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Through lessons on Pentecost, Paul’s conversion, Peter and the disabled man, Dorcas, Philip and the Ethiopian, and Cornelius and Peter, children learn that God works through His people, the Church.

Includes flashcards and CD containing lesson guide.

Lesson 1. The Church Begins Acts 1:8; 2:1-11, 22-24, 37-39
Lesson 2. Saul (Paul) Becomes Part of the God’s Church Acts 9:1-22
Lesson 3. Peter and John Meet a Disabled Man Acts 3; 4:4
Lesson 4. Dorcas Serves God Acts 9:36-42
Lesson 5. Philip Witnesses to the the Ethiopians Treasurer Acts 8:4-8; 26-40
Lesson 6. Peter Goes to Cornelius Acts 10

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