Little Kids Can Know God through Creation


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As young children learn about God, their creator, they learn that He loves them and sent the Lord Jesus to be their Saviour! Six lessons cover the days of creation; Adam and Eve’s sin and Cain and Abel’s gifts to the Lord.

Kit includes 24.4 x 33 cm flashcard visuals and teacher text.
6 visuals per lesson.

Includes flashcards and CD containing lesson guide.

1. God Creates Light, Water, Sky and Air (Days 1-2) Genesis 1:1-8
2. God Creates Land and Plants (Day 3) Genesis 1:9-13
3. God Creates the Sun, Moon, Stars, Birds and Fish (Days 4-5) Genesis 1:14-23
4. God Creates Animals and People (Days 6-7) Genesis 1:24-31; 2:1-2, 7, 18, 21-25
5. Adam and Eve Choose to Sin Genesis 2:1-2, 8-9, 15-20; 3:1-19
6. Cain and Abel Give Gifts to God Genesis 3:15, 21; 4:1-8

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