At the break of dawn on a December’s morning in Lapland, Ida and I made for home after a week of Christmas Clubs in Alta. With the dark season in full swing, a pale blue light hung in the air with a faint mist around it; probably the most daylight we would see for a while! As we always do when on a long journey, we stopped about half-way for some coffee and fresh bread. After our refreshment, we decided to take five minutes to stretch our legs. With the first heavy snowfall of the season, the ground was blanketed in white.

As I took in a few welcome breaths of fresh air, I thought I heard bells in the distance. Then, there it was, the dark silhouette of a reindeer appearing through the fog. This is just one of the many reasons why I love Lapland. Creation sings of God’s beauty and one day, I hope to see the many people that live there singing of His glory too! CEF worker, Ida Johnston, has been fulfilling this dream for the past 38 years and I hope to continue it. If you’re a supporter of CEF, either prayerfully or otherwise, then you too are part of this work, not just to see Lapland or Ireland filled with the gospel but the whole earth! So, keep on praying! Keep on being part of the vision to see the “whole earth…filled with His glory” (Psalm 72:19) – a prayer and a vision worth keeping!

This article first appeared in our Winter 2020 National Newsletter.