P-R-A-Y…talk to God and rest in His plans.

These are some of the words we sing with the children in Good News Club®. The P-R-A-Y song (from CEF of Ireland’s “The Light” worship album) is a real favourite of ours. It reminds us to pray and then rest in God’s plans rather than rush ahead with our own ideas…as we often want to do!

When we moved to County Cavan three years ago, we were excited to see God’s plans for us unfold and knew God would work in His time. We needed to pray and then rest in Him. Over those past three years we have prayed for many things: children, volunteers, Good News Clubs, teacher training and links with local churches to name but a few.

In October this year it was a joy to have the very first meeting of a new Good News Club in a family home in Belturbet. Already there are 12 amazing children coming along, and four enthusiastic leaders! These new volunteers see the value of being trained and equipped for this ministry with children and are keen to attend the Teaching Children Effectively™ 1 course we plan to run in the new year. This is an incredible answer to many of our prayers and a great encouragement to us.

We praise God for His sovereignty and for guiding us in all things over the past three years. We praise Him for answered prayer and for helping us to rest in His plans!

This article first appeared in our Winter 2020 National Newsletter.