In the Multimedia Department we produce literature and resources to equip CEF workers and those involved in ministry to teach children and young people from God’s Word.

We want to provide resources that will help teach the gospel, to build up Christian children in their faith and encourage them to serve God.

Some of the materials we produce:-
• Resource Packs and Teaching Guides for the Good News Club Curriculum, including Easter and Christmas lessons
• Summer Outreach materials: for 5-Day Clubs®, Holiday Bible Clubs and camps
• School Resources: e.g. Unravel – the Mystery of St Patrick and The Mystery of Christmas
• Missionary Lessons
• Calendars
• Prayer tools: Daily Prayer Guide and Week of Prayer booklets
• Quarterly National Newsletter

For these resources to make it into the hands of our workers and others involved in children’s ministry there are quite a few stages involved and schedules are put in place well in advance of when we need to have the resources ready. Timescales for writing, editing, proofreading, designing, printing and collating all need to be factored in.

We are always aiming for accuracy in the materials produced, both biblically and grammatically. We want our materials to be clear and centred on God’s Word. This is where we rely heavily on our team of editors and proof-readers who do an amazing job of reading, checking and making suggestions of changes that need to be made. After the editing and proofreading process is finished, it’s on to the design stage. Theme, style, colours, images and layout are carefully and creatively worked on to achieve an appealing, attention-grabbing and attractive product.

The final stage usually involves a number of people to make the resources available for our workers or in the CEF shop to sell, either locally or online. A final proofread is carried out, quotations from printers are sourced and compared, and collation in our own print room finishes off the process. Whether it’s a postcard size invitation to a Lego Brick Building Club or a five-part Missionary Lesson with text, visuals and activity ideas, the final product is the result of all these stages and great teamwork.

This article first appeared in our Spring 2020 National Newsletter.