“The Lord has made known His salvation;” Psalm 98:2

As I look back over the summer ministry, especially our camps, I rejoice that the Lord made known His salvation among the young people and children. Sometimes He makes it known right there and then; sometimes He makes us wait, which makes it all the sweeter. A good while after camp I received a message from the wife of a local minister in our area. A young girl from their church had told them she had trusted Christ at our Junior camp, unknown to us. I was so thrilled to hear this news! Then some time later I received another message inviting me to come along to their Sunday morning service as the girl was going to give her testimony in front of the whole church! What a privilege to sit there and hear this young girl share about how she had gone away by herself after Bible time and she had trusted Jesus to forgive her sin. The minister then asked her what difference it had made to her life now. She answered,

“It makes me feel so happy and whenever I struggle with my schoolwork all I have to do is to pray to Him and He will help me.”

What an encouragement for us to keep on faithfully sowing the truth of the Gospel into children’s lives. We just never know what the Holy Spirit will do with it!

This article first appeared in the Winter 2018 National Newsletter.