It is a great joy and privilege to be involved in the GNC™ ministry. Some 12 years ago, when starting Willow Dean GNC, Co. Armagh, I was excited, scared and nervous but also looking forward to seeing what God would do.

God has proved very faithful. No matter what problems or difficulties we encountered – God met every need. One year I was struggling to find helpers and then our local worker, Gareth, contacted me to say he had received a phone call from someone interested in helping at a GNC and did we need anyone? Another time, we didn’t have enough people to transport the children, and during a conversation with my minister he said, “You know, if you ever need the church minibus for your GNC, don’t be afraid to ask!” God is so good!

Monday nights are a real joy – there’s nothing I love more than seeing the minibus full and the front room packed with children – children so excited to be at Club and enthusiastically taking part in the program. One young boy brings his guitar along, which is a great help with the choruses. Recently I bumped into the mother of one of our past GNC children, and during the course of the conversation she told me that her daughter had trusted the Lord one night after she came home from GNC. What an encouragement! That’s what makes it all worthwhile, to see precious souls saved from sin.

This article first appeared in the Spring 2019 National Newsletter.