In North East Ulster we have officially had no ‘Local Worker’ since September 2018. However, as a committee we are very thankful for those faithful volunteers who have been continuing with ministry in this area.  We were very sorry to lose the Chambers family from the work in North East Ulster, yet we know God has a plan to further His Kingdom in North West Europe in the coming days. We appreciate their hard work, their diligence and desire to see boys and girls come to know Jesus Christ as Saviour and Lord of their lives.

The expansion of the work in local schools has been in no small measure a result of their pushing doors and creating opportunities to share the Gospel in school assemblies and classes.  As a committee, however, we have been trying to continue as best as we can with the work in this area amongst boys and girls. For us it has been a big change and a shift in responsibility and activity. As a group we are thankful for the unity that we have, and the willingness for all to get involved – whether that has been collating information for prayer letters, maintaining good financial records, keeping in touch with Good News Club teachers, making arrangements for camp, organising fellowship evenings, and the list goes on!

This article first appeared in the Summer 2019 National Newsletter.