Every summer we have a project called “Good News across Romania”. During 2018, we went to County Suceava. Each of the teams involved in the project taught 5-Day Clubs® together with the local churches. One of my responsibilities was to keep in contact with the teams each day and then update the prayer supporters with prayer requests and answers to prayer. One volunteer wrote to me;

“There were lots of children at the 5-Day Club on Monday evening, but one child was causing havoc. Before long, every time someone at the front would say something he would shout out with a comment causing a distraction for all the other children. It seemed that nothing could stop him. We felt like giving up! What was the point if the children couldn’t hear and we couldn’t teach? As a team we were united, we encouraged each other and reminded each other of the purpose before us.

On Tuesday, I needed this boy pointed out to me. He wasn’t disturbing anyone, in fact he and his friends were listening carefully. Was this really the same boy? On Wednesday, he took the front row. As I looked at his face listening attentively, I realised he had tears in his eyes. Something had touched his heart. And I believe God was answering our prayers. I learned something. Don’t judge before the time! There is always something going on in the background and it’s not over, until God says it’s over!”

This article first appeared in the Autumn 2018 National Newsletter.