This story begins a year ago when I left my home of 23 years in Ballymena, Northern Ireland to begin my first full-time job in Singapore, South East Asia. I am certain that God planned for me to come here, and He is continuing to show me more of Himself as I continue this journey. I’m going to share three points that I’ve learnt through this year. I actually knew all these things before I left home, but God has taught me them all over again, and in a different way this time, so have a wee read and maybe God will remind you of a thing or two, too.

1. God is constant

He is a never changing God—He is constantly with me. He is constantly perfect. He is constantly loving. He is constantly just. He is constantly my provider. He is constantly all-knowing.

One of the ways I’ve been learning these constant attributes of God is through learning how I am usually the opposite. I constantly mess up. Yet, God is beside me, and never gives up on me. Maybe you think I’m quite brave by leaving home, and obeying God’s plan for this season of my life, but I’m really not. I may have obeyed Him on that step, but I fail Him on so many aspects of life—daily!

God is constantly with me—an absolute comfort at all times! Yes, we mess up, and disobey or doubt Him, but we can always come back to God, our heavenly Father. I truly believe that this is something I have learnt through being a foreigner in a place where I knew nobody. It’s weird knowing that the people you know the most in the world are over 7,000 miles away! Maybe you feel things are always changing around you, and you can’t rely on the environment or other people. Or maybe you’ve been struggling to stay faithful to God. Don’t forget that He’s a constant source of power to His children, and He is in charge of all.

2. Sin is a universal problem

It’s a truth we teach the boys and girls at camps and 5-Day Clubs®, and in a way it’s very obvious, but it’s something I’ve been reminded of recently. Singapore is known as one of the safest countries in the world. It is also a country made up of many different races, religions and diverse cultures.

In general, citizens ensure they meet the standards of the laws placed by the government, so it’s a pretty happy place to live, but yet, sin still exists. Many who are following false gods, or following no god at all, have missed the point in life. They are serving themselves and missing out on salvation, and service to the King of Kings! I’ve had to remind myself of this as I meet people every day. Wonderful people who show me so much kindness, yet I must acknowledge that they still need a Saviour. That brings me to my next point:

3. We are all on a mission 

Jesus said “Go and make disciples.” This universal problem requires a universal team to spread the good news of Christ everywhere. My mission field was Ireland for a long time, but right now it’s Singapore! I used to carry out His mission at school/university, but now it’s in a hospital whilst attempting to communicate with elderly Asian people. Wherever you’re at right now, be there. Maybe it’s not going to be your base forever, but just be willing to reflect Christ, and show others who He is. You won’t get it right all the time, but keep pursuing God’s command to tell others about Him. Keep working on His mission.