How are you planning to use your summer 2016?

There are lots of opportunities to serve in your (and other) local areas in Northern Ireland. What about then going further afield? We have teams going to the Republic of Ireland, Great Britain and around the world. There are two things we want you to do this summer:

1. Tell more Gospel

There is, of course, nothing more we can add to the gospel – it has been the same wonderful news for the past 2000 years. But do we tell it in all of its richness? There is so much good news to tell people who are lost. This summer, if someone asks us what the gospel is, let’s go beyond pithy statements or clichéd phrases. As Christians, we should be bursting with the details of how the gospel can change someone’s life. Maybe you want to learn more about how to present the gospel? In CEF, we have a great Training Week you can attend at the start of the summer. It mightn’t sound like a lot of fun (even though it is!), but we continually hear back that it has been the best week of the summer for so many young people. This summer, get trained and go share the great news of Jesus and what He has done.

2. Tell more people

If we know and love the gospel, we should naturally want to share this with everyone we know. Where should you start? Acts 1:8 is clear: start at home and work out. Get in touch with your local CEF worker and see what needs done! Or check our this page to see if there are camps in your area you can be a leader at (for those 18+). Once you’ve done training week, and served in your own area, what about going further with a Momentum Team?

There are many Momentum Teams you can serve on: Louth, Waterford, Killarney, Kildare, Limerick, Aberdeen, Livingston, London, Romania, Jamaica and the Philippines. So why waste your summer when you can serve the King, telling more gospel, to more people?