Autumn Conference is on 30th September. If you’ve never been, it’s a great day! Here are 5 reasons you shouldn’t miss it:

1. Great Teaching

We want to hear from God at Autumn Conference, so we prioritise gathering round His Word. In the afternoon session, Andrew Mullan will be speaking on ‘Faithfulness in the Gospel’, and Jim Crookes is taking the topic ‘Can we even have this conversation? — The challenge of personal evangelism today’. In the evening session, Harry Robinson, who is part of the international CEF family will be speaking.

2. Great People

As you probably know, CEF Ireland is a family of over 60 people, who serve together for God’s glory. We come from many different places and serve in many different contexts, but we all share the vision of every child, every county, every day. Conference is a great place to meet our workers and ask them about their ministry. We’ll all be wearing lovely name badges!

3. Great Stories

Want to hear about the amazing work God is doing right across Ireland through CEF? Come to Conference and we’ll be sharing about it. From children hearing the gospel for the first time, to teens growing in their faith, we’re so thankful for how God’s Spirit has been at work over the summer months. There’ll be some short reports at our evening session in Lurgan Baptist where you can hear all about it!

4. Great Food

It wouldn’t be Autumn Conference without unbelievably great food! We’ll have tea and coffee in the afternoon, a great hot buffet for tea, and then supper after the evening session. What more could you ask for?!

5. Great God

This one hasn’t been left to the end because it’s the least important. Quite the opposite! Our great God is the one who makes all of the above possible and worthwhile. Autumn Conference is always such a blessing — don’t miss it!

Here’s where you’ll get all the info about Autumn Conference, including a full programme of events!