Help me read the Bible!
Put up your hand if you find consistent, thoughtful daily Bible reading easy. I didn’t think many hands would go up. Bible reading can be tough, but considering it's the written word of God, given to us in order to know him better, how can we... Read More >>
Principle 6 – God wants His children to worship Him.
We have seen that the greatest and most important of all biblical principles is that the Christian’s main priority is to know what God is like and on the basis of that knowledge to get to know Him better. As we have followed this principle and... Read More >>
Principle 4 – God is good and continually cares for His children!
We have learned three truths from the study of our first three biblical principles: It is vital for our lives and ministries that we know what God is really like  and that we make it our first priority to (in the words of Charles Spurgeon)... Read More >>
Principle 3 – God is wise and knows what He is doing.
We have been learning, in our first two principles, how important it is for us to understand what God is like and, on that foundation, to get to know Him better. God tells us in His Word that, “the people who know their God shall be... Read More >>
Principle 2 – God is sovereign and in control of everyone and everything!
The first principle we looked at taught us how important it was for us to understand what God is like, and, on the basis of that understanding, to get to know Him.. The greatest truth I have ever learned is that Jesus Christ died for me and... Read More >>

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