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Lessons from the life of Sam Pollard
This is the first of three blogs on lessons we can learn from Christian missionaries and evangelists who did not become famous (on earth). Ever heard of Sam Pollard? Thought not. And he’d probably like that. Born in 1864, Pollard was the son... Read More >>
New National Directors for CEF Ireland
CEF welcomes David and Rosemary Edwards as the new national directors of Ireland. Their first contact with CEF was as members of a summer outreach team to Limerick in the Republic of Ireland. There they were challenged about beginning a Good... Read More >>
Revisiting our Resolutions
By now the idea of New Year’s resolutions may be at the back of your mind. The goal of a new diet, exercise regime, or attitude towards life may have been lost as you've returned to the usual routine. The idea of a complete and lasting change... Read More >>
What is Training Week?
Every summer, CEF Ireland run Summer Outreach Training Course (SOTC, or 'Training Week'). What's it like? Here's what Leah has to say about it: Then click here to find out more and to book your place. Read More >>
Put on Love
It seems the week of love is upon us! Those red and pink padded cards on the top shelf, that are the height of our four year old, have been looming there since mid January. As well as the little red chocolate hearts and tiny teddies at the end of... Read More >>
One Step at a Time
God has a specific and detailed plan for every Christian, and He has promised that if you ‘in all your ways acknowledge him…he will make straight your paths.’1 We all have so many decisions to make. Some of them are major, some of them are... Read More >>
Hosea Bible Study: Part 2
This blog is the second in a three-part series on the book of Hosea. “She’s not worth it. She’ll just keep hurting you. Forget about her and move on. You’ll be better off without her.” This is where we left off last time as we... Read More >>
Biblical Principles for Life (1)
The young 20-year old pastor looked intently at his large congregation and said “I believe that the proper study of God’s elect is God! Nothing will so enlarge the intellect, nothing so magnify the whole soul of man as a devout earnest... Read More >>
Book Review: Why we Pray
This is a review of William Phillip’s Why We Pray Prayer is an essential part of being a Christian but it was something I didn’t really understand. This book, 'Why we Pray,' by William Phillip, challenged me deeply about my motivations for... Read More >>
The ‘what could have been’
You’re lying in bed at night processing the day. You’re doing that thing where you replay a situation through the lens of what I’m going to call the what could have been. You know the way it goes: ‘what if I’d spoken up sooner,’ or... Read More >>

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