Much confusion has been caused by Brexit. I have been asked many times since the referendum, “What will you do after Brexit?” The answer to that question is still unclear, but we do know that boys and girls across Europe will still need the Lord.

We praise God for the dedicated teams of CEF workers in the countries of South West Europe. The ministry in France has been ongoing for 70 years. Missionaries from Ireland have been part of that history. We praise God for many children reached in the last three years through the CityKids ministry. (CEF France has sought to provide training and tools for local churches in many of the major French cities to share the gospel with children.) This has happened in 2017 in Alès, Besançon and Evry and in 2018 in Dijon, Auxerre, Saint Denis and Toulouse. Three to four cities are chosen each year!

Praise God for 13 local churches in Besançon who co-operated in this outreach. In one Lego® Brick Building Club in Alès 51 children from the local community attended, 70% of whom came from non-Christian families.

The evangelistic tools offered by the creative French team have included: open-air clubs with ‘Professor Zabulon and his robot’; a club called ‘Surviving in the Jungle’; a club using all wooden games and a weekend of ‘1001 bricks’ (constructing a giant town). They have also carried out mass mailbox distribution of evangelistic packages containing the Gospel of Luke, a children’s book and information concerning the churches.

Please continue to pray for France and the children of South West Europe.

This article first appeared in our Autumn 2019 National Newsletter.