A vital part of the ministry in Norwegian Lapland are the weeks of Children’s Mission each autumn in five different locations. There are many areas where week-long meetings could be held and people ask, “When are you coming to us?” I just wish there could be more workers to take advantage of the many doors that are open to us.

Many people pray, especially each October, that I will be allowed to go into the school in Kautokeino to give out the invitations in the classes for the Mission. As I go around the classes some of the teachers say, “We’ve been waiting for you.” What a privilege to share the Gospel with 100-130 children and up to 20 adults each day. Praise God for this door which He has kept open in Kautokeino these many years.

This year in Tana we had HalloVenn, a special programme for Halloween right in the middle of the week of Mission with up to 70 children and over 20 adults attending. One family came faithfully each day to the week of meetings. The mother told me that one day she wasn’t going to come but her son cried and said, “I must go to the meeting because Ida will be waiting for me.” Praise God that both he and his unsaved mother heard the teaching on Elijah who was brave and stood up to the evil king and queen. As a result of these Missions, also in Vestre Jakobselv, Karasjok and Mehamn, children come to our camps in the summer.

Many thanks for your prayers for us here in Lapland.

Every blessing,


This article first appeared in the Spring 2019 National Newsletter.