It often makes for an interesting conversation explaining to someone for the first time that I work for a children’s mission but don’t ever see any children during my working hours. Furthermore, for most of the 13-strong team in our National Office, our day-to-day work doesn’t produce stories about children listening to a Bible lesson for the first time, or a new JYC starting in a difficult area. Our stories tend to involve too many phones ringing or photocopiers not doing what we want them to do!

Yet the CEF vision of ‘Every Child, Every County, Every Day’ is still close to our hearts, and even though we don’t often see the children, we pray that our work will be used to accomplish great things for God’s Kingdom. The phone calls, the endless paperwork and the long meetings all serve a greater purpose — to reach the children of this island. We love being a small part of God’s big plan.

The roles in National Office are considerably varied. We produce, sell and distribute our resources here. Many administrative tasks in areas such as finance and safeguarding happen here. New ideas and plans are often first discussed here, and because a number of our Ministry Departments are led from National Office, Departments are easily able to collaborate on projects. You never know what each new day will bring!

It’s a real joy to be able to lead the team in National Office. Although we all have different personalities, interests and gifts, we are gathered round a single vision. Ultimately, no one in the office serves me — our time and energy is offered to Christ, the only One who can take our work and use it in the salvation of boys and girls.

This article first appeared in the Winter 2018 National Newsletter.