God has blessed CEF Korea in many ways, even though Korea is a small country in the Far East Asia area. CEF ministry began in 1957 through the US missionary Miss Eleanor Lunceford. She served the Lord as a missionary for two years in Korea. Following her return to US a new missionary family Rev. John and Lois Cook arrived in Korea in 1959. They started a Good News Club in their home in 1960 and a LTI (Leadership Training Institute) with 12 students in 1972.

The ministry of CEF Korea developed rapidly. We have 217 full-time staff workers in 53 local areas and 712 Board and Committee members in South Korea. We are reaching 300,000 children per year. We have Good News Club teacher training seminars every week during GNC season in all of our local areas.

Many GNC teachers are supporting our ministry financially and as volunteers. We have also sent 63 missionaries to 27 countries, reaching large numbers of children. Two of those missionaries are serving the Lord as Regional Directors for the Middle East and Asia Pacific Region. We are praying and preparing for North Korea to begin CEF ministry soon. Our 53 local areas adopted 31 major cities in North Korea, and we made the decision to pray, raise finance and support a worker to build up the CEF ministry in North Korea when the door opens. We organise Sunday School for refugee children each week; we send out Gospel balloons from May to August when the wind blows from south to north; we broadcast a GNC program and teacher training program to North Korea via radio.

This article first appeared in the Winter 2018 National Newsletter.