Everyone is passionate about something. We in Child Evangelism Fellowship of Ireland are passionate about sharing the Gospel with every boy and girl in Ireland.

20:2020 was born from that passion. We want to see 20 vacant counties in Ireland filled by people who have the same vision as us by 2020.

There are 1,250,000 children in Ireland, 32 counties, 1 great commission and 17 counties still to go!

We believe this is vital. There are still many children in Ireland who have never heard the wonderful news about Jesus.

We are passionate about sharing the Gospel.

What can you do?

  • You can pray that God will challenge and inspire passionate people to go!
  • You can enable others to go by prayer and financial support.
  • You can go! If you have that desire to reach children with the Gospel there are many who still need to hear. Could you be the answer in a vacant county?