Transition Year Programme

What is it?

If you are in Transition Year (TY) and you would like to explore what it means to serve God in children’s ministry, then this programme is for you! If you are interested in a vocation or career with children and you want to use your TY to gain experience in this field, you will find our programme very helpful.

Maybe you want to think about your future from a Christian perspective and to meet other Christian young people also doing TY. If so, you should consider doing our course. It is especially geared towards young people with an interest in working with children but any Christian young person in TY would benefit from this course.


What does it involve?

Our TY programme has 2 parts to it:

– A 4-Day residential course

– The possibility of work experience in your church or with a local CEF worker.


The 4-Day Residential Course:

This course provides training in different aspects of children’s work and also considers other topics relevant to you as a young person. Subjects include:

– Teaching memory verses to children

– Working as a team

– Singing with children

– Sharing your testimony

– Thinking about the future and God’s guidance

– Communicating with those from different religious backgrounds

This is not only a week of training and learning but also a wonderful opportunity for you to meet other Christian TY students, enjoy fellowship, make new friends, have times of praise together, and enjoy the activities in Castledaly Manor (sports, archery and canoeing).


Practical Experience

– TY is all about having new experiences, practising new skills and discovering what the workplace environment is like. We want you to make the most of your TY experience!

– We encourage you to choose and arrange your own practical experience using your skills and gifts to serve God. Ask your pastor/minister if there are opportunities in your church—for example helping in the Sunday school or Bible Club, or giving time each week during TY to help in administration or community work.

– If you have local CEF workers you can ask for advice, or explore opportunities for serving God with them. CEF will not be providing work experience for every student who completes the course, but we will provide guidance and advice about finding work experience that relates to ministry.

Halfway through the year we will have an online get-together with the students so they can share their experiences of placements with the other students that they met on the training course.


Fill out the form below to let us know:

If you would like to be part of the CEF TY Programme and would like to attend the course in Castledaly Manor from Monday Oct 31st – Friday Nov 4th 2022. Price €100 (Deposit €40 required with booking).

Contact for more information!