What is the Children’s Ministry Leadership Course?

The Children’s Ministry Leadership Course (CMLC)  provides specialised, practical training in children’s ministries. If you have a heart for reaching children for Christ and discipling them or if you desire to train others in this ministry, CMLC is just what you are looking for.

We believe that one of the main tasks of the Church today is to take the good news of salvation to ‘every creature’ (Mark 16:15). Down through the centuries, the emphasis in many churches has been placed on youth and adults which is valid. However, the children have been desperately neglected.

We believe that ministry to children is crucial for world evangelisation. One-third of the world’s population is younger than 15 years of age. World Vision estimates that more than 80% of the world’s young people, totalling 1.4 billion, are growing up in non-Christian homes. If we are to evangelise the world, we must evangelise its children.

The Lord Jesus said, ‘It is not the will of your Father…that one of these little ones should perish’ (Matt. 18:14) and we believe Christians everywhere should know how to simply lead children to Christ.