Updated 12 May: Statement on Residential Camps, Summer 2020

Over the past few months CEF of Ireland have been following the spread of Covid-19. After much prayer and consideration, we have decided to cancel all 40 residential camps across Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland in summer 2020. As you can imagine, this was a difficult decision to make, and while we’re sad about how different ministry will look this summer, we’re excited about a number of other projects this will allow us to create and deliver during June, July and August. If your child was booked into a residential camp, the camp leader will be in touch with you in due course. Thank you for your continued support of our ministry, and we look forward to seeing you again in person soon!

Hello to All,

I think one of the most used words in these last weeks has been ‘unprecedented’. This certainly describes the times we are living in and the decisions we are having to make. It was with a heavy heart we had to make the decision to cease all direct ministry. Covid-19 has brought about immense changes in all of society and that includes CEF.  But to a much greater extent it has brought illness and sadly grief to so many families and our prayers are with those affected.  

We as an organisation are seeking to abide by the recommendations of the two governments on this island and have instructed all of our workers and volunteers to do so also. This means that direct ministry has ceased but thankfully it does not mean all ministry to the children has stopped. We are seeking to use the internet and social media to a greater degree than ever before to enable young people to have access to gospel presentations, memory verse learning, daily devotional readings and other resources. 

We as leaders are thankful for the gifted people in our mission who have been able to prepare and collate good quality resource material and make it available online for all to use. It can be accessed here — please feel free to distribute it.

Obviously, we have a deep concern for the citizens of all of Ireland and we can assure you we are praying for them, for those in authority, for our NHS & HSE, and for all who are involved in essential services. Our Irish based workers and Irish missionaries meet for one hour of prayer through Zoom on Monday and Friday mornings at 9.30am, where we bring all mentioned above before the Lord. If you have a specific prayer request, then please contact your local worker and they can bring it before us at our Zoom meeting.  

We hope you were able to tune into our online Easter Conference, if not then it is still available to view here. There you will be able to hear some ministry reports from Ireland and Europe. You will also hear the latest news regarding the Seaview redevelopment project. 

On behalf of the Leadership and Board of Trustees we thank you for your faithful support expressed through finance and prayer, both of which remain vital as we seek to maintain our worker’s allowance and permit them to continue in ministry. All of our workers are encouraged to seek methods to keep contact with the children and with their supporters but please feel free to call them and encourage them also.

In closing you can still be involved in ministry! You can pray. Nearly all of us have more time available; why not use it to pray for the children and for God the Holy Spirit, who is not housebound, to draw his children closer and to bring more into his family?

Please practice safe lifestyles and by doing so protect yourselves and your fellow citizens. 

David & Rosemary Edwards

National Directors, CEF of Ireland