20 November, 2020

St Patrick’s Day 2020 will be forever etched in the memory of Rosemary and myself. This was the last normal day, when we were able to conduct our ministry without any restrictions. Now, all this time later, we are facing the autumn/winter season with strict guidelines in place, restricting the ability we have to perform what would be our usual outreach to children and young people. 

Local Committee meetings, Board of Trustees meetings, Ministry Team meetings and speaking engagements in local churches to promote and cast vision, have all been vastly reduced or conducted online. The percentage of the population who have become familiar with Zoom or FaceTime must be very high, and we are thankful for this means of communication.

At times like this it is so easy to focus on the negatives — on the things we can’t do. But it has been surprising for us as to how much we can do. Our workers and volunteers have risen to the challenge of continuing to reach children and young people with the gospel using the various means that are possible.

The internet has become our main method of communication. There have been camps conducted online, with children and parents tuning in, and the response was amazing! There have been recordings of Bible lessons, 5-Day Clubs on YouTube, a Memory-Verse-A-Thon for memorising Scripture, a doorstep Good News Club, a summer week for teens in a gazebo, recorded school classes, material available for downloading to use at home, some outdoor clubs with social distancing, teens meeting to pray together in a barn, secure bubble Good News Clubs in a home. 

We praise God for the commitment and ingenuity demonstrated by our full-time workers and numerous volunteers to enable this generation to be evangelised and discipled during these past months.

We also praise God for your commitment to the ministry, demonstrated by your prayers, involvement in ministry and your practical financial support. Thank you for standing with us as we continue to reach and teach the children in these abnormal days. 

Please continue to practise a safe lifestyle, protect yourself and your fellow citizens, and pray for those who have been affected by this virus.

David & Rosemary Edwards

National Directors, CEF of Ireland