JYC Pack – Unfinished, Revelation, Insignificant Things


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Special Offer! All three resource packs for £12

Three resources to help you teach the 11 – 15 year old age group, and can be adapted for 16 – 18 year olds.

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Unfinished: The Story of the Reformation

Help teenagers to:

  • Understand the history of the Reformation and its significance today;
  • Ensure they are living according to God’s way;
  • Examine what they believe, and as a result what they do, in light of God’s word.

Insignificant Things: A Christmas Lesson for Teens

Help teenagers to:

  • Understand that God has the power to use those who seem insignificant in the eyes of the world;
  • Accept that without God they can do nothing and they should desire to have His power in their lives;
  • Allow themselves to be used by God to take the Gospel – even around Christmas time – and to tell at least one unsaved person the good news of salvation.


10 – 20 Bible Studies for teens and young people. Can be adapted for adults.

The Vision of The Glorified Christ
The Letters to The Seven Churches
The Throne, The Scroll and The Lamb
The Seven Seals
The Seven Trumpets
The Woman, The Child and The Dragon
The Two Beasts
The Fall of Babylon
The Final Victory
The Heavenly City

More resources available online for each.




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