I Believe (there’s only one God)


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This visualised song helps children and even adults learn a complete biblical statement of faith!

Music found on Sing about the King CD 1

Lyrics to this visualised song are:

(Verse 1) I believe there’s only one God and he’s a trinity. The Father, Son and Spirit, Almighty God is He. I believe he’s the Creator, by Him all things were made. He knows all and He’s holy; forever He’s the same. But you and I are sinners so God sent His only Son to be born of a virgin; He’s God and man in one. I believe for my salvation Christ suffered and He died; he rose again the third day and lives in Heav’n oh high.

(Verse 2) I believe God gives His Spirit to all who will believe. His Spirit dwells within us to help in times of need, to teach us to be like Him ’til Jesus comes again. To stir us to tell others of God’s great love for them. My faith is growing stronger as I meet with God each day. For I believe the Bible and I know that I can pray. I believe there’s only one God and He loves even me. Someday I will be with Him to spend eternity.

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