Do What’s Right


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Kids will enjoy the upbeat tune of this visualized song that reminds them of God’s love and He wants them to do what’s right.

Lyrics to this visualised song are:

(Chorus) It’s not hard to do what’s right When we are walking in the Father’s light. We find He’s there to give us power and might. It’s not hard to do what’s right!

(Verse 1) You’ve been living it up, Thinking you’re so smart, Never stopping to see That you’ve got something wrong with your heart. But you don’t have to lose hope When you’re losing right, ‘Cause there’s Somebody who loves you and He wants to help you do right (Chorus).

(Verse 2) On His Word you can trust; It will never let you down. God has shown you His love, and there’s enough to go around. And you don’t have to give up In the battle you fight. And there’s no need to do wrong- No!- when you can do right.

(Bridge) Do, do, do, do, do what’s right! Do, do, do in His power and might! Do, do, do, do, don’t lose sight! Do, do, do, do, do what’s right!


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