Dear Theo


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The Middle East – the melting pot of history. A doctor, called Luke, gathers stories and details about a man who had turned his world upside down – a man who changed his life and whose life has changed history. He then writes them all down in a letter to send to his friend Theo.

THE KEY CHARACTER: A carpenter born in obscurity in a village in occupied territory.


  • We meet the ultimate hero – calling followers to the adventure of a lifetime
  • A hero who also defends the poor and weak
  • Supernatural encounters begin to reveal his true identity
  • Blood money, betrayal and brutality threaten to ruin everything
  • Then comes the tomb, two angels and an ending that marks a new beginning
  • The new beginning brings a new freedom and a new power
  • Lives are transformed and a radical new community develops
  • In a world where loyalty to the community is tested to the death.

This is an epic journey with Jesus, the Son of God, and his first followers. It’s the story at the heart of the world’s best-selling book – a book that’s been burned or banned by different authorities over 20 centuries. It’s a story that has thrived and survived, transforming lives even in parts of the world where it’s forbidden.

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