Christ is Enough – Youth Challenge Choir


“I have decided to follow Jesus, no turning back, no turning back…..Christ is enough for me”

These words echo in the title song “Christ is enough” and are the response we long to hear young people make to the Lord’s command in Matthew 16:24 to ‘take up your cross and follow Me’. 

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Youth Challenge, the youth ministry of Child Evangelism Fellowship (Registered trademark sign) (CEF registered trademark sign), exists to disciple young people and to encourage them to get involved in outreach to children.

Through regular meetings, camps and training courses, Senior Youth Challenge (SYC) prepares young people in their late teens and early twenties for the work of reaching children with the Gospel.

The Youth Challenge choir is made up of young people from the SYC groups across the country and those involved in sharing God’s Word with children. This CD, the sixth the Youth Challenge Choir has produced, features a mixture of old and new pieces as well as solos from young people who volunteer in the work of taking the Gospel to boys, girls and young people. As you listen to it, we trust that you too will “follow Jesus, no turning back”. Thousands of children and young people in this land have never heard a clear presentation of the Gospel. Will you obey the Lord’s command to take up your cross and follow Him? Will your prayer be “Lord, let it start with me.”

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