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Ministry in Norwegian Lapland
A vital part of the ministry in Norwegian Lapland are the weeks of Children's Mission each autumn in five different locations. There are many areas where week-long meetings could be held and people ask, "When are you coming to us?" I just wish... Read More >>
Beginnings of CEF in Ireland – TCE™ & IOT
I began work in the Lagan Valley area in Autumn 1977, where a good teacher training programme already existed. The model taught at Kilchzimmer was of weekly classes providing everything needed for the weekly Good News Club. Workers adapted... Read More >>
Ministry in North East Ulster
In North East Ulster we have officially had no 'Local Worker' since September 2018. However, as a committee we are very thankful for those faithful volunteers who have been continuing with ministry in this area.  We were very sorry to lose... Read More >>
Good News Across Romania
Every summer we have a project called “Good News across Romania". During 2018, we went to County Suceava. Each of the teams involved in the project taught 5-Day Clubs® together with the local churches. One of my responsibilities was to keep... Read More >>
Beginnings of CEF in Ireland – The Nixons
After attending the European Bible Institute we returned to do a practical time with CEF in East Belfast before going to Cork. Some prayed that we would be redirected from going south! An ‘evangelical’ church leader in Cork wrote to tell... Read More >>
Introducing: North West Europe
A year ago, at Easter, we confirmed our decision to accept the invitation to join the team in European CEF. We have had a great fourteen years working in the North East Ulster area with CEF of Ireland. Please pray with the local committee that... Read More >>
CEF in South Korea
God has blessed CEF Korea in many ways, even though Korea is a small country in the Far East Asia area. CEF ministry began in 1957 through the US missionary Miss Eleanor Lunceford. She served the Lord as a missionary for two years in Korea.... Read More >>
Beginnings of CEF in Ireland – Youth Challenge & Good News Camp
The English title of the first book of our Bible is 'Genesis', this comes from the Greek translation meaning 'origins'. It is good to discover how things began so we can appreciate what they have developed into. In this second article on... Read More >>
50 Years of CEF in Lagan Valley
The following are a few of the headlines that were making the news in 1969: Apollo Astronauts Walk on the Moon; First Concorde Test Flight Conducted; Beatles Perform for the Last Time; Manchester City Win the FA Cup; 50 Pence Coin... Read More >>
A New Good News Club®
We feel so privileged and are delighted to be serving God in West Belfast. As it is a pioneering ministry, there are times when it seems nothing positive is happening concerning the Gospel. But we are so thankful for the two venues open to us,... Read More >>

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