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Training Others
We all look forward to the weekend for a break and maybe even a lie on in the morning. So, it was very encouraging for us to see children’s workers from a local church in Co. Monaghan give of their time to attend a Saturday morning training... Read More >>
Teaching Children Effectively
At a recent school assembly while teaching ‘Why Jesus Came’, a little girl shouted out from the front row in amazement, "I did not know that. I have never heard that before." There are many children just like this little girl throughout... Read More >>
Ministries in Donegal & Dublin
Ministry in Donegal Did you know that through your faithful prayers you are a big part of God’s work through CEF in Ireland? God has answered your prayers in many ways and as CEF workers we can testify to that. In Donegal we are blown... Read More >>
Building Relationships
Watching the children rush through the doors of my church, it struck me that Good News Club is one of my favourite ministries because week after week you get to develop relationships with them and watch them grow. One boy began to come two... Read More >>
CEF in Hong Kong
In China they're closing churches and jailing pastors. What about the churches and other Christian organisations like CEF in Hong Kong? Religious freedom is one of the fundamental rights enjoyed by Hong Kong residents. Twenty-two years... Read More >>
Building Websites
"As each part does its own work, it helps the other parts grow" (paraphrase Ephesians 4:16). My ministry is one of support. I use the gifts and tools which God has given me to design websites in order to develop CEF ministries. Though I... Read More >>
Ministry in West Tyrone
In March a special Fellowship Evening was held in West Tyrone to celebrate 50 years of the Local Committee. While preparing for this evening I had the opportunity to read through committee meeting minutes and prayer letters from over the years... Read More >>
Prayer is Where the Action is.
We have been serving the Lord in Co. Cork with CEF for over 25 years and have been blessed to see Him work in so many young people’s lives! Children whom we taught in schools and who have attended camps are now setting up Christian homes and... Read More >>
Life in National Office
It often makes for an interesting conversation explaining to someone for the first time that I work for a children’s mission but don’t ever see any children during my working hours. Furthermore, for most of the 13-strong team in our... Read More >>
Preschool Training
With a car full of play-dough, puppets, cereal boxes, wooden blocks, jigsaws, socks and various other random items, I headed off to Dublin for the day! I was very excited about the opportunity to teach the Preschool Teachers’ Course in... Read More >>

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