In March a special Fellowship Evening was held in West Tyrone to celebrate 50 years of the Local Committee. While preparing for this evening I had the opportunity to read through committee meeting minutes and prayer letters from over the years and to reflect on the work then and now.

Many things have changed in the last 50 years and some haven’t! The gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ is unchanged, as is the great need of children to hear this life-changing message. There have however, been many changes over the last 50 years. Due to an increase in summer schemes, day-care provision, changing lifestyles etc., it is becoming harder to connect with children in open-air 5-Day Clubs. That has meant us adapting to a more school-based approach with some 5-Day Clubs now held in schools.

Other outreaches take place within schools including Good News Clubs and an increasing number of Christmas and Easter assemblies. There are also opportunities to distribute calendars in many schools. In addition we have had some openings for seasonal clubs in local community centres and this is something we would like to develop further using ‘Building Events with LEGO® Bricks’.

Of course the need for prayer is just as great in 2019 as it was in 1969. Over the past year we have tried to encourage people to ‘Link-up’; meeting together regularly in a small group to pray specifically for a local school assembly or Good News Club. While some have taken up that challenge there’s lots of room for others to get involved!

We’re so thankful to God for His faithfulness over the past 50 years in West Tyrone CEF. In changing times, it’s so encouraging to recognise that we have an unchanging God who is sufficient for all that He’s called us to do. By His grace, may we be faithful in bringing the unchanging gospel to needy boys and girls through the opportunities that He gives.

This article first appeared in our Autumn 2019 National Newsletter.