Watching the children rush through the doors of my church, it struck me that Good News Club is one of my favourite ministries because week after week you get to develop relationships with them and watch them grow. One boy began to come two years ago; he was shy because of his speech impediment and often hid behind his brother. Now, he’s the one who volunteers to say the memory verse and helps the younger children. I love watching him (and the others) being fed from the Bible each week and praise God wholeheartedly for who He is and what He has done.

Children don’t stay children for ever and I have a real love for the Junior Youth Challenge age group too. Although every JYC group is different, ours wouldn’t be your typical group. We don’t follow a structured programme of songs, Bible study and prayer. Instead we count it a success when we manage to keep our young people in the room for longer than ten minutes at a time! However, they’re a wonderful group who just want to be loved and accepted, so please pray for us as we show them what it means to be loved by God and accepted into His family. We’ve been praying recently that they would settle down enough to listen during the Bible study. One Monday night God answered that prayer beyond what we expected. Despite the occasional giggle, they engaged with the discussion asking questions like, “Why do you follow God?” and, “How did you become a Christian?” Long may it continue!

This article first appeared in our Winter 2019 National Newsletter.