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Christian Struggles: Porn (Part 1)
This blog is the second in a series on Christian struggles. Why do people look at porn? What’s their motivation? Is it to simply satisfy a sinful urge, or is there something deeper?Through this blog article, and its sequel, I trust that... Read More >>
7 lies Satan wants you to believe about your sin
How you view sin is of great importance. If we don’t see it properly as a problem, we can’t see Jesus properly as Saviour. As Christians, even though we might be able to explain sin well, we can still often succumb to Satan’s lies about it.... Read More >>
Christian Struggles: Image
This blog is the first in a new series on Christian struggles. As I started to write this blog, I caught myself wondering what you’d think of me for the things that I’d say. I wondered would you like it, or criticise me for it instead. I... Read More >>
4 Thoughts on Colossians: Part 4
This blog is the last in a four part series on the book of Colossians. Having spent the end of chapter 3 talking about everyday roles and circumstances that we all find ourselves in, Paul now points out things that we need to get right if we... Read More >>
Biblical Principles for Life and Ministry (6)
The first principle we studied emphasised that the primary responsibility of every Christian is to “STUDY GOD”, to find out from the Scriptures what God is like and, on the basis of what we learn, to  get  TO KNOW HIM personally.In the... Read More >>
Lessons from the life of Robert Sheffey
This is the third and final blog on lessons we can learn from Christian missionaries and evangelists who did not become famous (on earth). One day in the late 19th Century, a child was bitten by a rattlesnake and the family sent for a local... Read More >>
Biblical Principles of Life and Ministry (5)
“Dieu Ta fidelete,” “Gross ist DeineTreu,” “Grande e la Fede in Te,” “ Great is Thy Faithfulness”The words of this great hymn resound all over the world in different languages. Christians everywhere rejoice in this wonderful... Read More >>
Biblical Principles for Living (4)
We have learned three truths from the study of our first three biblical principles:It is vital for our lives and ministries that we know what God is really like  and that we make it our first priority to (in the words of Charles Spurgeon)... Read More >>
A Life of Holiness, Reverence, and Love
I remember showing up to teach a Sunday school class in New England only to find everyone already there—and they had been there for an hour! Their clocks had all sprung forward an hour; I had forgotten to change mine. I was living differently... Read More >>
Journaling: Recording His Faithfulness
Journaling is not commanded in the Bible but it can be a useful discipline through which you can experience growth in your walk with God. Romans 12:12 says ‘Rejoice in hope, be patient in tribulation, be constant in prayer’ (ESV). Journaling... Read More >>

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