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Preparing for Mission (Part 3)
This is the last in a series of three blogs on preparing for mission.Hands As we are going out to mission, hopefully we know in our heads why we do it, and that we have a passion in our hearts for what we are doing. So what about our hands?... Read More >>
Preparing for Mission (Part 2)
This is the second in a series of three blogs on preparing for mission.Heart Now that we have it in our head that mission is something we must do, we want to move on to our heart. It isn’t enough that we just do mission because we are... Read More >>
Christian Struggles: Porn (Part 2)
This blog is the third in a series on Christian struggles. Having looked at the definition of porn, what God Himself thinks of it, and His will for your life, you’re probably asking such questions as “How can I live out God’s will when it... Read More >>
Preparing for Mission (Part 1)
This is the first in a series of three blogs on preparing for mission.  I always find this time of year quite strange, when we are going in and out of churches and schools, and you hear people speaking of looking forward to summer holidays.... Read More >>
Biblical Principles for Life and Ministry (7)
Biblical Principles For Life And ServicePrinciple No. 7: God Wants You To Worship HimWe have seen that the greatest and most important of all Biblical principles is that the Christian’s main priority is to know what God is like and on... Read More >>
CEF Summer Newsletter & Daily Prayer Guide
The CEF Summer Newsletter and Daily Prayer Guide are now available for you to download and use. Thank you for praying for the work of CEF! Remember you can sign up to have this delivered straight to your email inbox by signing up here.Daily... Read More >>
Christian Struggles: Porn (Part 1)
This blog is the second in a series on Christian struggles. Why do people look at porn? What’s their motivation? Is it to simply satisfy a sinful urge, or is there something deeper?Through this blog article, and its sequel, I trust that... Read More >>
7 lies Satan wants you to believe about your sin
How you view sin is of great importance. If we don’t see it properly as a problem, we can’t see Jesus properly as Saviour. As Christians, even though we might be able to explain sin well, we can still often succumb to Satan’s lies about it.... Read More >>
Christian Struggles: Image
This blog is the first in a new series on Christian struggles. As I started to write this blog, I caught myself wondering what you’d think of me for the things that I’d say. I wondered would you like it, or criticise me for it instead. I... Read More >>
4 Thoughts on Colossians: Part 4
This blog is the last in a four part series on the book of Colossians. Having spent the end of chapter 3 talking about everyday roles and circumstances that we all find ourselves in, Paul now points out things that we need to get right if we... Read More >>

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