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Hosea Bible Study: Part 3
This blog is the third in a three-part series on the book of Hosea. Hi. My name is Gomer. I’ve been such a bad wife. I have done things that I am deeply ashamed of and don’t even want to write about in this blog. I have been unfaithful on... Read More >>
Meet Our New Workers – Emma Busby
Each month, we will be introducing you to our latest appointed workers so that you can get to know a bit more about them, their call, where they are serving the Lord and how you can help them. This month we would like to introduce Emma... Read More >>
Book Review: Crazy Love
This is a review of Francis Chan's Crazy LoveWhat if I said ‘Stop praying?’ What if I told you to stop talking at God for a while, but instead to take a long hard look at Him before you speak another word?1 This is how Francis Chan... Read More >>
The dictionary defines an idol as ‘an image or other material object representing a deity to which religious worship is addressed or any person or things regarded with admiration, adoration or devotion.’1 Perhaps when you hear the word... Read More >>
Biblical Principles for Living (3)
We have been learning, in our first two principles, how important it is for us to understand what God is like and on that foundation, to get to know Him better. God tells us in His Word that “the people who know their God shall be... Read More >>
Why Pray When You Can Worry?
Worry is one of the greatest problems in the life of many Christians. It takes away their peace, it destroys their joy, and it hinders their ministry. Yet many spend more time worrying than finding God’s solution to it. Worry harms us, swallows... Read More >>
Biblical Principles for Living (2)
The first principle we looked at taught us how important it was for us to understand what God is like, and, on the basis of that understanding, to get to know Him.The greatest truth I have ever learned is that Jesus Christ died for me and... Read More >>
Lessons from the life of Sam Pollard
This is the first of three blogs on lessons we can learn from Christian missionaries and evangelists who did not become famous (on earth). Ever heard of Sam Pollard? Thought not. And he’d probably like that. Born in 1864, Pollard was the son... Read More >>
New National Directors for CEF Ireland
CEF welcomes David and Rosemary Edwards as the new national directors of Ireland. Their first contact with CEF was as members of a summer outreach team to Limerick in the Republic of Ireland. There they were challenged about beginning a Good... Read More >>
Revisiting our Resolutions
By now the idea of New Year’s resolutions may be at the back of your mind. The goal of a new diet, exercise regime, or attitude towards life may have been lost as you've returned to the usual routine. The idea of a complete and lasting change... Read More >>

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