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Lessons from the life of Johanna Veenstra
This is the second of three blogs on lessons we can learn from Christian missionaries and evangelists who did not become famous (on earth). Here’s a whirlwind introduction: The daughter of a preacher, fourteen year-old Johanna Veenstra was... Read More >>
Easter Conference 2016 (Audio)
Easter Conference 2016We had a wonderful Conference in Portrush with encouraging reports of what God is doing through CEF around the world. There were excellent times of praise, prayer and fellowship and excellent seminars. We were pleased... Read More >>
Meet our New Workers – Simon & Jayne Gibson
Our journey to CEF was never our intended goal! This may sound strange to some because this is where we are currently serving. Our journey or calling was firstly and always will be to God and to serve Him with all our heart soul mind... Read More >>
This season. I've heard this phrase a lot in Christian settings recently. 'Yeah, it's just for a season though...', 'I'm trying to remind myself, it's just a season.’ I've even found myself using it, without stopping to think what I am actually... Read More >>
Pre-School Material Available from CEFResources
“Even so it is not the will of your Father who is in heaven that one of these little ones should perish” - Matthew 18:14CEF have resources to teach the very young - the little ones.According to specialists, the first five or six... Read More >>
4 Thoughts on Colossians: Part 1
This blog is the first in a four part series on the book of Colossians.Place Colossae was a city located about 100 miles inland from Ephesus, in modern Turkey. It doesn’t appear to have been one of those cities that Paul visited, as he... Read More >>
Lesser Known Bible Heroes (Part 1)
In 2009, Baker books published a Book by Warren Wiersbe, the renowned author of the ‘Be’ series of Bible commentaries, called ’50 people every Christian should know’.  It is a highly recommended read.  You will find many well-known... Read More >>
Sunshine through the Clouds
If you’ve ever told God ‘I’m done here, you can just take me home now,’ you aren't alone. In fact, you're in pretty good company. Elijah in 1 Kings 19:4 told God he'd had enough. You see, there's a reason why God didn't answer Elijah's... Read More >>
Easter Thoughts
At the foot of the cross; is the means by which we live. Where did I hear this quote? To be frank I have absolutely no idea. My memory does not serve me well at 18. Though I remember the deep set conviction and revelation in my heart finally... Read More >>
Holiday Bible Club 2016
Summer is fast approaching! Don’t let a busy schedule put you off planning a Holiday Bible Club for Summer 2016. CEF® have partnered with Go Teach to bring you some exciting material for your Holiday Bible Club, an Olympic themed pack... Read More >>

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