We have been learning, in our first two principles, how important it is for us to understand what God is like and, on that foundation, to get to know Him better. God tells us in His Word that, “the people who know their God shall be strong and carry out great exploits” (Daniel 11:32). The more you understand about God, and the more you know Him, the stronger you will be in your life, and the more fruitful you will be in your ministry.

We have learned that the truth of God’s sovereignty will have an enormous impact in our lives and ministries. Every circumstance in our lives is either sent by God or allowed by Him. But all these circumstances are based upon God’s wisdom. Therefore this is the second great truth about God which He wants us to understand.

What does the wisdom of God mean?

God is omniscient; He knows everything. But wisdom is not knowledge; wisdom is the application of knowledge. God is perfectly wise; He knows how to apply His knowledge to every situation in your life, and He does so in three ways:

  1. He knows what is best for you. You don’t; you are limited in both your knowledge and wisdom (Isaiah 55:8, 9). He has a plan for your life – to make you more like the Lord Jesus. He has also a plan for your service and ministry; and He knows where and how He wants to use you to accomplish His purposes.
  2. He knows the whole way ahead and the steps whereby He can achieve His plan for your life and ministry. You don’t!. The future is completely unknown to you. So you need to trust Him to know and to do what is best for you .
  3. He is actively working, step by step, to realise His plans for you and to accomplish His purposes in your life and ministry. . So, in His wisdom, He sends into, or allows to come into, your life, circumstances which may at times seem unpleasant, but all of which, He knows, will bring you to the place which will glorify Him and be best for you.

Where is the truth taught?

  • There are many Bible verses which clearly state this truth – including Psalm 104:24, Isaiah 40:13, 14, 27, 28; Ephesians 3:10; Colossians 2:3.  Three outstanding examples are Isaiah 55:8,9 in the Old Testament and Romans 8:28,and 11:33-35 in the New Testament. Romans 8:28 emphasises that we should understand and, “know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose”. Many ingredients are needed to bake a cake – flour, eggs, salt, baking soda and butter. But you would not want to eat any of these ingredients on their own. It is only when they are all mixed and cooked together that you get a good and tasty result. And so God in His wisdom mixes and “bakes” the different, and sometimes difficult, circumstances in your life to produce His desired result.
  • There are many Bible stories which illustrate the truth.  God knew what He wanted to do in the lives of the great men and women described in these wonderful stories – men and women like Abraham, Joseph, Moses, Ruth, David, Jonah, Daniel, Esther, Peter, Paul and many others. In these stories  we can see how He, in His wisdom, sent into, or allowed to come into, their lives, trials and experiences which would, step by step, bring them closer to the kind of people He wanted them to be, and closer to the place and ministry where He wanted them to serve Him. And, in His wisdom, He is doing the same for you. All these things will work together for your good.

What are the consequences when we really believe this truth?

  • We will WORSHIP God and THANK Him for His wisdom and guidance as Paul did in Romans 16:27 and 1Tim 1:17. *We will TRUST Him completely –even if we don’t understand. He knows what He is doing (John 13:7, Phil.4:6,7)
  • We will ACCEPT whatever comes with joy and peace  and without complaining or bitterness (Phil. 4: 11-13).
  • We will ask God to HELP us to be wise in our ministry and in our relationships with others. He wants us to be wise and understanding (James 3:13) and He has promised to give us the wisdom we need. (James 1:5 and 3:17 ).

Lesson 3 – God knows what is best for you! Trust him, be at peace, and do not be discouraged!