Child Evangelism Fellowship of Ireland (CEF) is committed to reaching out to children and to teaching them the message of salvation as contained in the Bible, the Word of God.

We also seek to promote the general welfare, health and full development of every child, recognising the privilege and responsibility this brings to all involved in our organisation.

In today’s society child abuse and child abuse accusations are occurring daily. This is a sad fact of life. Therefore, we believe it is important that we take every measure to protect the children to whom we minister and protect our workers and volunteer helpers from false accusations, hence the production of this Policy Statement.

All workers, volunteer leaders and helpers are required to read this Policy Statement and complete the enclosed Declaration Form and Confidential Questionnaire. Only Child Evangelism Fellowship full-time staff are authorised to complete this Policy Statement. Your Declaration Form and Confidential Questionnaire should be returned to the Child Evangelism Fellowship full-time worker from whom you received it. No person will be authorised to lead or help at any Child Evangelism Fellowship activity without completing and responding satisfactorily to these forms. It is regretful that we have to take such steps in these days but we are sure that it is the best and wisest approach for all concerned.