Hosea Bible Study: Part 1
This blog is the first in a three-part series on the book of Hosea. When I first met my wife Jayne I didn’t know anything about her other than that she had blonde hair, blue eyes, looked good and was single! 14 years later I know quite a bit... Read More >>
Momentum 2016
How are you planning to use your summer 2016?There are lots of opportunities to serve in your (and other) local areas in Northern Ireland. What about then going further afield? We have teams going to the Republic of Ireland, Great... Read More >>
Change...This is something every single one of us has experienced. Change. Some changes you welcome—others you dread. Some changes are outside of our control—others depend on us. The fact is that change is something that happens to... Read More >>
There’s Just One Thing I Need
Who doesn’t love a good classic sing along to get you into the Christmas spirit? Personal favourites of mine are “Fairytale of New York” from the Pogues, “Last Christmas” from Wham or East 17’s great Christmas number “Stay Another... Read More >>
What is SYC?
Ever wondered what Senior Youth Challenge (SYC) is all about? Listen to what Rachel has to say about what it has meant to her. Then find where your local SYC is and get involved!  Read More >>
Book Review: Knowing God
This is a review of J.I. Packer’s Knowing God Knowing God is a broadly sweeping doctrinal book which covers, as the title suggests, what it means to know God. Very early in the book it lays out this premise—that knowing about God is not... Read More >>
Staying Faithful in a Different Culture
This story begins a year ago when I left my home of 23 years in Ballymena, Northern Ireland to begin my first full-time job in Singapore, South East Asia. I am certain that God planned for me to come here, and He is continuing to show me more of... Read More >>
How to Stay Faithful at University
We’ve all heard it said that University is the ‘make or break’ time for Christians. It’s a time when what we believe is challenged as we come into contact with many people who disagree with our faith and as we enter new social situations... Read More >>
Altars, Tents and Wells
What do the following people have in common? A tight rope walker, a cyclist, a baby learning to walk, a gymnast, a surfer, a ballet dancer and a Christian. They all need to learn how to be balanced! If they are not properly balanced they will... Read More >>
Book Review: Passion and Purity
This is a review of Elizabeth Elliott's Passion and Purity One topic that I will probably never tire of reading books about is the topic of relationships. It’s not that I’m storing up all the advice in my heart in the hopes that one day my... Read More >>

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